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Apartment rental – what you absolutely need to know!

People who wish to rent often become victims of scammers. These unreputable companies use every method they can to make profit by abusing other people’s trust.

Mentioned below are situations that mostly happen during long term rentals, however one should be aware of all the scam schemes to avoid unpleasant situations when looking for an apartment for short term rent.  

Information agencies’ tricks

This type of deception can be encountered at the very first stage of your rent search quest. When it comes to agencies, everything seems to be legitimate on the surface. An agency makes an agreement with a client. For a certain sum of money it provides people with a list of addresses of the potential renters. Clients pay for this information and start calling the listed numbers only to find out that none of them fit their needs. Some apartments have already been rented out, and others simply don’t match the description. For example, the owner states that his apartment is in a perfect condition, but you arrive there and find a shack filled with 1930s furniture. It may also happen that the people in the apartment don’t know anything about any rental agreement. If you try complain to the agency, they will be unavailable. Their task is to provide you with contact information, but they don’t guarantee that your rent search will be successful.

Also be wary of companies of agencies that only have a mobile phone number. A land line number shows you that they are more established and you can trace them if you have an issue or problem. Landline numbers start with 057 ( Kharkov) i.e. ; +38 057 751 5988  

Rent information agencies are practically useless. It is better to inquire at the city directory or search the Internet. There are so many different offers with great descriptions and photos. This kind of search will also be less costly. However, if you want to save your time, you can find a well-known, reputable real estate agency which provides apartment rentals in Kharkov in which employees work with each client until a suitable deal is found.

It is much safer and better to find an apartment rental company that actually owns their own apartments , so you are dealing with the owner direct . This cuts out the "middle man" and you will not only get a better quality of apartment but you will also be paying less per night , as there will not be any added agency commission added on top of the price. 

In Ukraine it is also advisable to pick an agency or rental company that protects their kharkov apartments for rent website photos with a logo , this shows that they have not just copied and pasted photos from other websites . 

Many agencies never actually have visited the apartments that they are renting , you deal with a girl sat at her desk , on the phone taking bookings. Ask them to describe the location , the building and entrance hall , what shops/bars/Cafes are close by. The more questions you put to them , then the more you will be able to single out any possible scammers.

Never pay the full amount in advance , unless you know the company through previous visits. It is enough to pay just for the first night rent in advance. Then once you have arrived and you are happy with apartments kharkov , then you pay the balance. If this is not acceptable to the company , don't book with them . 

Possible deceitful actions of the renters - Long Term Rentals of 6 months or more

If you decide to look for a long term rent on your own, you should also exercise caution. For example, when you meet with a person who introduces himself as an owner of a particular apartment or house, ask him to show some identification and paperwork which will tell you that he actually owns the place. This will help you to avoid a very common type of fraud where some individual rents an apartment, finds new tenants, asks them to pay in advance for six months, and then disappears. A real apartment owner comes and sees some strangers who argue that they have already paid for half a year rent and refuse to leave the premises.

There is another type of deceit practiced by the owners themselves. They invite new tenants to live in a dilapidated house at a very cheap rate under the condition that the tenants will perform cosmetic repairs. As soon as everything is fixed, the owner asks them to leave without reimbursing any of the repair expenses. Moreover, he or she can increase the rent even though it has been decided that the rate wouldn’t change. Because of this, and to save your time and money, you must request a signed agreement in which all rent conditions will be described clearly and in detail. 

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