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Why Pick Ukraine for Your Dental Treatment

Medical tourism has become a large industry worldwide, with people traveling outside their home country to find affordable and top-quality medical treatment at prices below that of in their own country.
Dental tourism, or dental vacations, is a large section of this market. The need for dental attention is often combined with a vacation to an interesting part of the world. The global dynamic of shared skills, education and equipment has created an environment where dental providers in developing countries can offer the same level of care at greatly reduced prices.
The global economic downturn affects people from all walks of life and the uncertainty of tomorrow makes people want to save money wherever possible. However, you cannot ignore dental problems for long. Many people avoid dental treatments for as long as possible due to the high cost and lack of dental insurance in many places. The solution is new and easy:

"Dental Tourism".

While people have been traveling to other countries for dental tourism for many years, it has recently become much more common to the Eastern European countries , where there are superb quality professionals in all types of this field. The reasons for this upswing is obvious. Combining a vacation with dental treatments at a discount makes great financial sense. Why not soften the pain of a root canal or fillings with a fun trip to a new country, all done at substantially cheaper price than back home.
The costs of dental care and treatment in Ukraine are so low that, even with travel, hotel and food expenses figured in, they come out much cheaper than in Europe and the United States. In general, Ukrainian dental care can be found for up to 70% less than in other countries. Getting such a huge discount and not sacrificing quality of care makes the decision for dental patients easy.
The more teeth you have that require dental treatment, the better deal you will get in Ukraine. The dentists’ prices are so much lower than in other parts of Europe. A filling’s usual cost may be €300 to €400, but in Ukraine it would only be €40 to €50. Dentures could cost over €1000, but you can get the same quality pair in Ukraine for just about €200.

Why Pick Ukraine for Your Dental Treatment?

More people are choosing Ukraine for their dental treatments than ever before. Not only is it convenient to all major travel hubs, but the level of care you get is top-notch. US and European citizens recognize that Ukrainian dentistry has wonderful advantages. The dentists have often studied and worked in other European countries and the USA before and Kharkov in Ukraine is a leader in this field because of the National Medical University in Kharkov with a superb Dentistry Department which is producing excellent highly qualified practitioners. The top quality private dentists in Ukraine use German quality equipment, so by combining both the expertise and the quality equipment with the lower prices for labour in Ukraine make this a really attractive option for many visitors.

1 – Convenient destination for travelers.
Most major airports in Europe have direct flights to Kharkiv, the second largest Ukrainian city. Sometimes you may need to fly into the capital of Ukraine, Kiev, and the travel to your dental clinic. Travel in this region is easy and pleasant.

2 – Top quality dental care in Europe.

Ukranian dentists have been trained with the same exacting standards as other centers for dental care in Europe. They import advanced dentistry equipment and materials from the United States, Germany, Switzerland and the UK. Experience the convenience of having the labs and clinics right next door, which means no waiting around for results or follow ups.

These professional clinics and dental offices provide scheduled appointments you can book in advance. This gets rid of frustrating and long wait times each time you need dental work done.

3 – Very low prices for professional dental work.

Dental care in the rest of Europe can cost up to ten times more than the same procedures in Ukraine. A filling may cost €300 to €400 in Europe, but only €40 to €50 in Ukraine. Root canals can cost less than a simple filling does elsewhere. Even if you need a complete set of dentures, you can find a great deal in Ukraine. A set can cost as little as €200.

Dental care in Kharkiv, Ukraine

If you are considering coming to Kharkiv to get an affordable yet quality dental care, we can recommend you Dr Boris Levin from The Dental Centre ( ) who has been our family doctor for over 8 years now. Dr Levin uses the latest German technology and equipment and his surgery does all types of dentist work from basic cleaning to full specialist hand made titanium replacement root canals. In order for us to assist you with the dental care tour to Kharkiv (Ukraine), you would need to supply us with a dental report and copy of your x-rays from their country and together with Dr Levin we can plan the visit in advance. You will know what is involved before you arrive!

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