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Kharkov Airport's history started on March 26, 1923. Back then, the flight landing strip was located in Sokolniki. Regular passenger flights started in May 1924, and those were for Kharkov-Poltava-Kiev and Kharkov-Kirovograd-Odessa. First international flights, from Kharkiv to Teheran, were established in 1928.

In 1933, Kharkov airport was named after P.P. Postyshev, and three years later it was considered the best airport in the entire USSR. Concrete flight landing strip was built in 1941, at the beginning of WW2. Kharkov airport and its staff and pilots were a part of the special flight groups of the Civil Air Force.

Air terminal building was built after the war, and it still exists today. Its construction was initiated in 1951, and its grand opening coincided with the 300-year celebration of Ukraine and Russia unification in 1954. This part of the current airport has been totally transformed in the VIP terminal and the management offices.

There were no passenger luggage check until 1970. Prior to that, it was sufficient just to show your plane ticket to board the plane. Airport buses took people from the terminal to the plane.

About 600 passengers used the airport daily in the early 1970s. In 1980s passenger number reached 900  per day.

In 2001 Kharkov airport turned into the communal aviation enterprise called “International Kharkov Airport”. The Ministry of Transportation has transferred its control of the airport to the city. In 2008 the entire Kharkov airport was rented out to the New Systems AM company for the period of 49 years. Flight landing strip, being a strategic site, belongs to the government.

The collaboration of  "Airport Consulting Vienna (Austria)" and "Airport Research Center (Germany)" companies have developed a large scale reconstruction project of Kharkov Airport , that was started in 2008. The first stage of this project consisted of building a modern two-story terminal building and reconstruction of the new flight landing strip and all airport facilities and infrastructure.

The Airport terminal building complex reconstruction was financed by the Development Construction Holding (DCH) Company that belongs to Alexander Yaroslasvky, who is also the owner of Kharkiv Airlines , whereas the landing runways , roads and car parks reconstruction was financed by the government.

New airport terminal area is equal to 19750 square meters with the capacity to serve 650 passengers per hour. Arrivals lounge is located on the first floor, and passenger registration takes place there as well. The second floor has departure lounges for domestic and international flights. Customs, border guard, and airline offices are located there.

Kharkov Airport now provides the Eastern Region of Ukraine with a modern and efficient International Airport. More and more flights are starting to fly from Kharkov and this is changing the way the people in Kharkov region travel for both business and pleasure.

There are already regular flights to Italy , Turkey , Egypt , Moscow , Spain , Montenegro , Greece , Austria , Kiev , Dubai and Georgia , with future plans to include more countries such as Cyprus and other European cities.

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