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Where to spend New Year’s Eve in Kharkov?

Glamour option: restaurant, café

Would you like to show yourself and look at others, have a drink or two and something to eat, sitting at a pretty banquet table, surrounded by strangers? A café or a restaurant is the best option if you wish to spend your New Year’s Eve in this kind of atmosphere. Only the laziest restaurant owners will keep their places closed during the most profitable night of the year.

Kharkov inhabitants who are between 30 and 40 years old love meeting their New Year ’s Eve in restaurants. Some places get so packed that you won’t be able to get a table because they have been reserved for the night of the 31st in advance. Other restaurants try to attract customers by lowering their prices and putting up various New Year shows.

You should reserve your table in advance. In many places you will need to pay an advance of 50% or the full price, which is usually between 500 and 1600 UAH for one person.

Youngster option: night clubs

There are different types of clubs in Kharkov. In some of them you’ll be able to eat, drink and dance, and in others you’ll be mostly eating for the same price.

In Kharkov clubs you can meet your New Year’s Eve dancing, bowling, or sitting at the table. No matter what option suits you, a fixed price includes some food, a New Year’s show program, and free entrance into all club’s entertainment zones. So, if you choose to go bowling in some club, you can also dance in the same club without paying any extra money.

Club attendance prices fall between 650 and 850 UAH per person.

Relaxation option: sauna

Traditional sauna is a perfect place to spend New Year’s Eve with close friends and homemade food, at the same time saving money on holiday suits and dresses. You can still order a place in one of the best Kharkov saunas now, but it will be more and more difficult to do as we get closer to New Year’s Eve. People are actively reserving saunas even though New Year’s Eve prices can go pretty high. Sauna owners sell not only sauna spots, but also rooms for rent and apartments for rent in Kharkov and access to outdoor grills and gazebos.

The only disadvantage of spending New Year’s Eve in the sauna is that you’ll have to cook your own food and bring it with you, and buy your own alcohol.

Sauna prices are between 1000 and 2000 UAH per group. There is an additional payment for grill and firewood.

Change of environment option: rent a house/cabin in the countryside

As for countryside houses for rent and Kharkov apartments, most camps and recreational facilities are closed during winter, and places that remain open fill up fast.

Prices vary from 800 to 1000 UAH and depend on how fancy the food is. The only alcohol offered there is one bottle of champagne per couple, so you’ll need to bring your own alcohol if you are planning to have more drinks. Because it is in the countryside and many people come in their cars, most people are offered to get sober before driving back or to spend the night in the room that can be rented for 80 UAH (or more) per person.

Some camps and recreational facilities do not offer shows or any similar entertainment. Their administrators say that it is not needed; people reserve their places anyway simply because they want to spend New Year’s Eve far away from the city.

The price is about 120 – 1000 UAH per person.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

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