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Why Kharkiv Marriage Palace became turquoise

The walls of Kharkiv Marriage Palace, which is a landmarked building, are being repainted turquoise. The building was erected in 1913 for A. Juzefovich - an owner of the “Juzhnyi Krai” newspaper. Architect I. Gorohov chose the Empire style. After the October Revolution the newspaper was closed, and the building was occupied by the Society of Old Bolsheviks, which stayed there until the beginning of WW2. After the war the building became a Pioneer Palace, and in 1962 it was turned into the Wedding Registry Office.

When the building began to be used as a marriage palace, everything changed once more. There was no fence around it, and the smaller buildings were given to other owners. Now they are used by the music school, but prior to all the changes they were a part of one complex which belonged to a single owner.

This year the Marriage Palace will celebrate its hundred year anniversary, so it has been decided to restore the building. The city provided 700 thousand grivni for this work. The facade was fixed, new lion sculptures were placed at the entrance, and cup sculptures were implemented into the facade itself. After that the architects had to decide what colors to use for the palace. They discussed several options, some of them quite bold. For example, someone suggested painting the palace violet. At the end, they agreed that the building would look most stately in white and turquoise. This option was discussed with regional architects because of the historical and cultural importance of the building.

"We want this building to look like a pearl on Sumskaya Street; we want it to stand out. That is why we decided to beautify the street and make this previously privately owned building look more grand, triumphant, and solemn. We chose to paint it turquoise and white. These colors remind of the St. Petersburg palaces. In the future, we are going to implement architectural facade lighting".

The plaza in front of the Palace will be widened and paved with grey granite. Two big benches will be placed here so that friends and relatives of the newlyweds can rest while waiting for the ceremony to start, or during the photo session. Around a million grivni will be needed to perform this work. 

“Kharkov is going through a renaissance now. This means that the city is being renovated, becoming more positive, pleasant, and grand,” the architect says.  

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