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Program of economic and social development of Kharkiv in 2014

On January 22nd 2014 the Kharkiv City Council approved the program of economic and social development of the city. 

Here are some of the most interesting projects which are planned for this year in Kharkiv ; 

Reconstruction of Pavlovsk Square is one of the biggest projects this year. The work has started in 2013. 

The project involves changing the geometry of traffic, replacement of all utilities, reconstruction of tram crossings and even erection of a new monument.

Completion of "Peremoga" metro station is a major event for the city life. Money for the construction of the station was identified as early as 2013, but a lot of work is still to be completed by summer 2014.

Reinvestment of 400 million UAH from the sale of the stadium "Metalist Football Stadium" will go for the construction of metro station. 62 million UAH of this amount has already been mastered. 

Opening of a new metro station requires infrastructure changes around the area of Metalist . The territory around the stadium be cleaned, trolleybus route is planned to be extended to the Ring Road, also a new bus station and terminal on Ludwig Svoboda Ave should be built.

In addition, construction of a new station at the Proletarskaya Metro station will be completed .

Road Improvements - More than 800 million UAH will be dedicated to repair and maintain roads in 2014. Large amount of these funds will be directed to the preparation to Kharkiv Eurobasket 2015. In particular, reconstruction of Moskovs'ky Ave to its intersection with Kharkiv Divisii street is planned.

In addition, during preparation of the Eurobasket championship in Kharkiv , there is planned reconstruction of Marshal Zhukov Ave and Tankopiya streets.

30 million UAH will be directed to automatic traffic management systems. The development of a feasibility study of the system has started in 2013. The first intelligent traffic light that can be connected to any of the existing traffic management systems is set at the crossroads of Sums'ka street and Pravdy Ave. In the near future preparation to the tender to build the system will also be completed, investors are being searched for as well.

First time since Independence hundreds of millions of UAH will be dedicated to transform urban electric transport system. For example, more than 50 million hryvnia will be spent on the reconstruction of the tram road at Pavlovs'ka Square, from the bridge, across Lopan river, to Moskovs'ky Ave.

Important project which will allow to improve tram system, is the reconstruction of the tram circle near Pivdenna Railway Station . There is a plan to build the third circle . This project will cost 8 million UAH.

In 2014 Kharkiv authorities will think back about a long-forgotten project, namely - to connect Kotlova street with the Ring road as well as finish building the bridge. The bridge itself has been built, however around 1,5 million UAH is still needed to take care of Dovgalevs'ka street and remove gas pipe from there, which has not been done. This will assist traffic in the area of the main train railway station in Kharkiv. 

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