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Kharkiv Legal Services

kharkiv legal servicesKLS are a Kharkiv Legal Team of English speaking Lawyers and Advisors with over 15 years legal experience and contacts required of all legal makers in the Kharkiv region. We specialise in assisting foreign visitors and the Expat community in Ukraine, based in the city of Kharkiv. We provide honest and straight forward legal advise and assistance.

Services Include:
  • Private residency - Temp & Permanent;
  • Visa application assistance;
  • Official Letters of Invitation;
  • Legal Support for IT companies and private entrepreneurs;
  • Company employee work permit & visas;
  • Divorce and Separation mediation;
  • Court representation;
  • Company registration;
  • Car registration;
  • Real estate - buyer / seller notarising service;
  • Police issues;
  • Lawyer and Notary services;
  • Personal Background checks (before you arrive to meet somebody);
  • Non-corrupt legal services;
  • Legal translations in: Russian, Ukrainian, English, German (other languages on request).



Offices at the former "Kharkiv Appeal, Business & Economic Court", 5 Lenina Ave, Kharkiv, Ukraine.

London International Tel : +44 20 8144 7080

Ukraine : +38 099 414 9682


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Robert Apon - USA


kharkov kharkiv legal servicesI am an attorney licensed to practice law in the U.S. State of Maryland, Washington D.C., and at the Supreme Court of the United States. I have known Simon for many years , both professionally and personally and I am happy to recommend Kharkiv Legal Services ( KLS ). KLS is a great idea that will bring confidence and reliability in legal matters to non-Ukrainian citizens and permanent residents. It is my opinion that anything that helps reduce uncertainty and brings in expertise from countries where rule of law is reliably entrenched, makes business ventures more secure, ensures personal legal matters rest on solid legal ground, and provides peace of mind, is a great resource to have. In addition, KLS is an outreach program to the local Ukrainian community that allows for mutual understanding about how law operates in other nations, something particularly helpful for local lawyers with little exposure to Western legal concepts. Foreign visitors and expatriates in Ukraine now have a reliable resource to help protect their interests and the Kharkiv region gains a valuable resource on law and cross border relations.

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