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Tourist Scam in Venice

I crossed 9 different borders by car and had a fabulous trip , visiting Spain , France , Italy , Hungary , Slovenia , Slovakia , Poland and Ukraine.

Whilst in Northern Italy I decided to visit the wonderful city of Venice. I drove my car as far as possible to the end and parked in the terminal car park , then walked to the water bus ticket office to buy a ticket for the water bus to St Marks Square in the centre of Venice. The ticket seller lady spoke fluent English and told me the cost was 14 euros for 2 tickets and gave me directions to Water Bus Number 1.

I easily found the bus stop and waited for it to arrive.

Here is a photo of the bus stop. 

We then boarded the water bus and started to enjoy the beautiful views of the canals and buildings. The bus was very busy and many people were getting off and on at each stop along the way. 

Then we were approached by a ticket inspector , so I showed our 2 tickets and receipt that we were given. He told us that our tickets were not valid !

Then a lady inspector came to us and told us that because we had not "validated" our tickets we needed to pay a 59 euros fine. I complained but got nowhere with her , she then explained that it was clearly written in English before we had got on the bus. Please see the photo above and see if you can find the sign ?

The fine we needed to pay was actually 59 euros each , so that meant a total of 118 euros !

We were told that we had the right to complain , but do you really think that would do us any good ?

So by posting this on our website (Apartments in Kharkiv)  I hope that this will warn other travellers to Venice to watch out for this scam.

The sign is written in English I agree , as I looked for it when we left Venice using the same water bus , but it is small and well hidden. The ticket sales lady could have told us and there could have been a large sign at the main ticket office , as well as clearer signs for tourists before they board the boat. 

Venice is a wonderful city and I recommend everyone to visit it , we stayed there in December 2013 and the atmosphere was terrific !

We stayed at the excellent Montecarlo Hotel which is a 2 minute walk from St Marks Square. 

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